Please be advised that management will be updating the COVID-19 safety measures
by opening day May 21st, 2021. 


A-Mik Zii-Bi (Beaver River) Interpretive Trail



Enjoy the A-Mik-Zii-Bi Interpetive Trail to learn about the rich history, medicines and connection that the Anishnaabek have to the land. This self guided hike will take you on a 3km loop starting at the Trailhead off of Highway 637 along Mervs Landing to the Mahzenazning Lake canoe launch. Pedestal signs are mounted throughout the trail detailing the indigenous knowledge of a variety of plant medicines found throughout the route. This interpretive experience engages the visitor to open their mind and connect to the land through the lens of the Anishinabe.



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Merv’s Landing

6.9 KM Looped - Moderate to Advanced
Self-Guided Hike
Permit Required


Get your gear and come hike this beautiful new 6.9-kilometer loop that takes you to the summit overlooking the white quartzite Mountains of the Killarney Mountain range. Mervs Landing is a 6.9 km trail that begins at the trailhead at the Point Grondine Park. This single track, naturally surfaced trail flows through hardwood and Pine stands, crosses beaver damns via handcrafted pine bridges to the Recollet's summit overlooking the Killarney Mountain Range.

Relax for lunch while taking in the rich history of the Anishnaabek people of Point Grondine, Killarney and the French River. Interpretive signage at the summit highlights the connection the Anishnaabek have to this vast land. The trail down to Mahzenazing Lake will give you an opportunity to take in some breathtaking scenery (and great photo ops!) and gives you a glimpse into the landscape of the Point Grondine Park. 




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Jump Off Site - Mahzenazing Lake Access Trail

PG 1 - Premium Group Campsite 

Located only 800m from the Trailhead, the jump off site is designed for the campers that want the backcountry experience without traveling deep into the interior. This site is also ideal for trippers that have a late arrival and require a campsite close to the trailhead before venturing out into the backcountry.

PG 1- Comes equipped with two wooden tent platforms, fire pit, benches, cooking space and a picnic table. The site can be accessed 800 meters along the Mahzenazing Lake Access Trail and can accommodate up to a maximum of 10 people.



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Wemtagoosh Falls Loop

21.0 KM Looped - Moderate to Advanced

Self-Guided Hike/Backcountry Camping
Permit Required


For the more adventurous outdoor enthusiast, this self-guided hike will take you into the interior of the Point Grondine Park for an overnight adventure along the Wemtagoosh Falls Loop. Beginning at the park trailhead at Mervs Landing, this trail has a water crossing via canoe at the Mahzenazing Lake.

This rugged trail takes your through old growth pine forest along the Mahzenazing River to Cedar Lake. Hike along the river to Wemtagoosh Falls and take in the breathtaking scenery. At the falls you will find the backcountry campsites nestled along the trail with water access at Cedar Lake.


The last leg of the hike will take you along Cedar Lake winding up and down narrow passages to the lookout site at Smugglers Canyon. This section of trail gives you a glimpse into what the hike will be like to the coast of Georgian Bay and throughout the many interior lakes of the Park.


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Backcountry Camping Guidelines
  • Absolutely no cans and bottles are permitted for all interior adventurers, including day users.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times
  • Be bear wise and hang all food, garbage and other scented items (i.e. toothpaste) from a tree, or a rope between two trees, at least 13 feet off the ground and 4 feet from the nearest tree trunk. This will help to minimize surprise visitors!
  • All drinking water must be purified via a rolling boil, purifying crystals, or a water filter.
  • Use only designated washroom sites, if you are caught with your pants down and no privy, move 60 meters from shore, dig a 6” hole and use as little toilet paper as possible  
  • Do not dump garbage, sanitary products or food scraps into privies
  • Interior camping is only permitted on designated sites, day paddlers and day hikers may not use interior sites for rest/lunch stops
  • Please keep all sites clean and litter free, even if it’s not your garbage; pack it out! Try to pack out more than you pack in.
  • Please use stoves for cooking as much as possible, if you must build a fire, use a designated fire pit and collect wood along your paddling route or well away from the campsite to avoid depletion. Ensure that fire is out before moving on.
  • Go jump in the lake…but not with your soap!  If you need to wash; lather up with a biodegradable soap at least 60 meters from the water and use a pot to rinse off.
  • Excessive noise is not allowed at any time!
  • Avoid damaging vegetation by staying on the trails. Please do not disturb or harass wildlife.