South West of Killarney, in Wikwemikong is the ancestral home of the Odawa on what is known as Odawa Mnis or “Manitoulin Island”. In 1968, an amalgamation took place between the Manitoulin Island Indian Reserve, South Bay West Band, and Point Grondine Band to form what is now the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve. Point Grondine was used seasonally for harvesting berries, wild rice, and game but also had a permanent settlement along the Beaverstone River. Logging camps at Collins Inlet were a primary source of employment for families living in the Beaverstone village. Upon closing of the mills in the early 1900’s, families had vacated the territory and moved to Wikwemikong and other neighboring communities. Wikwemikong citizens still utilize the land to harvest berries, rice, fish and wild game. As you begin your trek through the coast trail you will travel the traditional routes of the Odawa and Amikwa Nations of Manitoulin and the French River. The abundance of fish species, game, berries and wild rice attracted our people to the Point Grondine and Collins Inlet area. Located at the eastern entrance of Collins Inlet, the Beaverstone Bay is sheltered with wild rice beds, cranberries and was the major east-west canoe travel route, in ancient times as well as during the fur-trade era. The Mahzenahzing, Beaverstone and Chikanishing rivers allowed passage into the interior lakes and wetlands where beaver and moose were plentiful. It is believed that Samuel De Champlain met with a large band of Odawa what he described as “Cheveux-Releves” or “high hairs” at the southern shores of Point Grondine in 1615.


Authentic Indigenous Experiences



Wikwemikong Tourism offers an array of authentic Indigenous experiences that reflect the cultural lifestyles and traditions of the Anishnaabek people of the Three Fires Confederacy - Ojibwe, Odawa, and Pottawatomi. As Manitoulin Island's largest First Nation community and Canada's only officially recognized Unceded Indian Reserve, we welcome you to delve into our rich culture and history through our nature-based and cultural tourism experiences. Our guides will take you on a journey through time as you learn of the legends of our people while exploring the vast lands and waters of our territory. Custom group tours and itineraries can be developed to meet your learning needs. Contact Wikwemikong Tourism to learn more about our authentic Indigenous experiences. 

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This intimate experience teaches you about Anishnaabek songs and drum teachings. It includes an exhilarating hand drum performance, and an opportunity to participate! Beat the drum and learn the different styles of songs that can be heard throughout Turtle Island (North America).

Duration: 2 hours

Cost $45.00 Adults / $40.00 Elders & Students

Available: Scheduled Dates/Postings

Must present a valid student card

Minimum (6) - Maximum (10) - 72 hour advance booking

This educational tour focuses on the Anishnaabek use of plants, their edibility and medicinal purposes. Our knowledgeable guides have absorbed the ways of our people, they will connect you with nature by showing you the traditional uses, and sciences behind the teachings. Our guides teach the real, proven and definite side of plant based medicine not the mystical.

Duration: 4 hours

Cost $50.00 Adults / $45.00 Elders & Students

Available: Scheduled Dates/Postings

Must present a valid student card

Minimum (6) - Maximum (10) - 72 hour advance booking



Stop by and view our Authentic Anishnaabek (Odawa) lodges and experience how people lived since time immemorial. This site includes a fire pit, wood seating, and picnic table. There is a 12 ft semi-complete Odawa wigwam lodge with a layer of birch bark and one 8ft incomplete Odawa wigwam lodge; showing how the wood was placed and tied together; along with an alternate method to the birch bark covering. Experiential packages will be available upon request. Experiential packages include the Dewegan - Drum and Song experience and Making Footprints tour in Point Grondine Park, pending availability of guides or drummers

Available: May to October

Alcohol Prohibited 




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