PARK UPDATES - 20 September 2017




Wemtagoosh Trail and the Kaa-Gaa-Gehns Water Trail is closed for the season. The Day Use Area which includes the Merv's Landing Trail, Mahzenazing Lake Access Trail, Authentic Indigenous Campsite, and Mahzenazing Lake (paddling) will remain open till the end of October. The Authentic Indigenous Camp site is available for booking, the site has two lodges, fire pit, seating, privy, and a clearing for tenting; reserve now here. The tent pads are small, big enough for two, two person tents. Make sure to visit the Park and snap a few photos of yourself in the park from now to the end of October and post to our facebook page for your chance at some great prizes; our annual "Ultimate Photo Contest" will is open till October 31, 2017