Interpretive Hike Dates Set

Point Grondine Park is offering a New Experience, the Making Footprints Interpretive Hike

This educational experience has a focus on the way the Anishnaabek use plants for utility, edibility and medicinal purposes. Our knowledgeable guide “Joseph” has devoted his life to learn the ways of his people and through his wealth of inherited knowledge will connect you with nature by showing you the traditional uses and sciences behind the teachings. Being mindful not to teach about the mystical side of plant based medicines and First Nations culture, Joe teaches only what is real, proven and definite.

This guided hike will begin at the Trail Head at the Point Grondine Park at Merv’s Landing. Guests will hike the 6km loop lead by your interpreter Joseph as he teaches you medicinal and practical applications of Anishnaabe herbology. Your hike will take you to the Recollet Summit with views of the Silver Peaks at neighbouring Killarney Park and flow down to Rock Lake where you will get a chance to ride the WaterSpyder. Take in the breathtaking scenery, view wildlife and learn the history of Point Grondine and the Wiikwemkoong Anishnaabek through the lens of our ancestors.